Everywhere I've submitted and what happened, July 2015 edition

Below is a graph which chronicles all my submissions dating back to the early 00s until the date of this posting, but I'll come back and update it periodically. 


Red dots: flat out form rejections

Yellow dot: detailed request for revise and resubmit.  This like, never, happens

Orange dot: nice rejection with invitation to submit again, sometimes with personalized note

Blue: shortlisted for contest, or editors mentioned that a standard submission was shortlisted

Green: acceptance.  Yay! 

A few notes: magazines that never got back to me are not counted (because who knows, they might just be taking a really really long time, or perhaps they never got the submission).  Contest submissions are counted as regular submissions. 

Total submissions over the last decade and a half: 164.  33% of submissions receive some positive feedback (either a positive rejection, shortlisting, or publication). 3 were accepted, which means about 2% of all my submissions made it.